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We are a young agency with great ambitions to make the world a truly better place. We know that can only happen when small businesses and organisations like yours are enabled through technology and digitalization and are granted the right opportunities to grow. This in turn allows our communities to grow and prosper. For that reason, we love working with small businesses and supporting them in their own communities.

So go on, check out some of our featured case studies below and you might just find some familiar elements from your own business story too!

Client Name: The Ilahi Foundation

Services Completed: New website with payment gateway and email marketing campaigns.

The Ilahi Foundation of Canada (TIFC) is a registered non-profit organization in Canada that aims to empower women and engage the youth in their local-community building initiatives. To this extent, they needed a powerful website that was able to accept online donations as well as showcase their past and present work in a meaningful way. They had an existing website that wasn’t effectively reflecting all their years of hard work of serving the community. Our team came onboard and took on this challenge of keeping the website true to the non-profit cause and yet be able to accurately portray and showcase all of the projects accomplished, as well as show all the impact generated in the community while allowing donors and volunteers to actively engage with the website. Our team completely redesigned the website from scratch, focusing heavily on the UI/UX elements of the website and added the important functionality of online donations that was missing in the previous website. The team also worked closely with the senior leadership at TIFC to capture the true essence of their mission, their aspirations behind creating this organization, and their desire to tell their story through this purposeful website build.

Client Name: Shanawaz Group - UAE

Services Completed: Multiple new websites, Corporate Branding and Identity including logo design; Copywriting; Marketing Video including Script and Videography.

Shanawaz is a family-run transportation company in Dubai, providing buses with drivers as a service offering to local schools as well as corporate offices for their staff transportation. While they grew immensely as a business, they lacked the strong branding and professional outlook needed to sustain their impressive growth. Our work with Shanawaz consisted of drafting a new branding and identity strategy, to increase their brand recognition and exemplify their years of experience in the industry, in addition to clarifying their two business segments of school vs non-school. After designing their new logo and refreshed branding, we created a website for their school business segment as well as a corporate marketing video that highlighted several elements of their business and organisation such as: safety, professionalism, adaption of technology in their solutions, ease of use for their customers, and brand recognition.

Client Name: Optimal Lab Test - TX, USA

Services Completed: New Website with Copywriting.

Optimal Lab Test is a family-run healthcare franchisee in Bedford TX, that offers hundreds of tests for drugs, STDs, COVID19, allergies, DNA, etc. The franchisee saw steady growth during the COVID19 pandemic, due in part to the extensive RT-PCR testing requirement around the world. As a result, Optimal Lab Test wanted to improve their website’s user interface and user experience. Our team worked with Optimal Lab Test to identify all the pain points of the current website beforehand and built a sharp, conversion-oriented website, which gave plenty of CTAs for visitors to engage with and setup online appointments right on the website. The franchisee owners felt a huge difference in the appointments process as more potential customers directly booked online instead of over the phone. They also saw an uptick in general website traffic after the revamp.

Client Name: AL Manarat Islamic School - ON, CA

Services Completed: Social Media Management (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn); Google Ads; Copywriting; Blog Writing; Event Photography and Videography.

Al Manarat Islamic School is a private family-run school in Mississauga, which focuses on providing high-quality education to the large and diverse Muslim community in the GTA. Their curriculum is a hybrid function of Islamic curriculum and the Ontario curriculum. Students can receive OSSCs when they graduate from grade 10. Al Manarat did not have a dedicated resource for handling their social media channels nor were they able to post anything consistently to increase engagement with their social audiences, who were composed of current and prospective parents. Our team took over their Social Media Management and within a year saw organic growth of 20-25% on their Facebook and Instagram pages. In addition to the social media management, our team wrote high quality blogs on very specific topics provided by Al Manarat each month. This added to the monthly website visits as well. Event photography and videography including post-production was also provided on certain occasions.

Client Name: Hayaa Abayas - Dubai, UAE

Services Completed: Corporate Branding and Identity including logo design; Web design and development.

Hayaa Abayas is an online startup clothing brand that exclusively sells Abayas (long cloaks generally worn by Muslim women for modesty). They are working on using AR and VR technologies to create a virtual trial room on their website. Users can just add their body measurements as well as upload a headshot and they can see a 3D avatar of themselves in several poses wearing the abaya they intend to ‘try on’. They have just launched in Dubai and Pakistan and have ambitions of shipping their rookie designer-made abayas worldwide. They knew that in order to achieve global success, they need an exceptional marketing strategy that is heavily built upon digital marketing avenues (as they are an e-commerce store). They reached out to our team with ideas on the logo and branding as well as marketing ideas. Our team developed their logo from scratch, keeping in mind their vision of a brand that expresses both modesty and sophistication. Once the logo was designed, their website was built from scratch with phase-1 being a non-commerce marketing website and phase-2 slated for the full-fledged e-commerce store with the AR/VR trial room functionalities.

Client Name: Arzana School - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Services Completed: Web Design and Development.

Arzana Private School is an American curriculum school in the city of Abu Dhabi. It is known for its educational model that embraces the traditions of the UAE as well as its modern outlook on the future. Our team developed their website from scratch, with the goal of creating a conversion and SEO-friendly website. They wanted the new website to provide prospective parents with all the tools needed to make a decision to fill out the initial registration form with their details. After some brainstorming with the school officials, our team managed to develop the website as per their preference and they voiced their satisfaction at the end of it.

Client Name: B-School - Kohat, Pakistan

Services Completed: Corporate Identity and logo design, Web design & development.

B-School is an innovative Educational Consultancy firm that aims to reinvent the way children are educated in schools across Pakistan and elsewhere. They work with educators, industry leaders, and local universities, to rethink the educational curriculum by supplementing it with the right mindset, attitudes, and culture, as well as the right technology. Our team was tasked with creating a website for B-School that would showcase their lofty vision, their expertise, their outlook on education, and their current classroom based activities. We set out to deliver upon this task by creating their branding and identity, starting with their logo, as well as a crisp website that focussed on all their key deliverables. The team decided to go ahead with a minimalistic theme for the website to keep the focus on their mission, rather than dilute it with extensive graphics and overbearing visual elements.