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Branding and Identity

We know you are busy trying to run your business as best as you possibly can. We also know that you want to reach out to the world with your amazing products and services, but find it absolutely cumbersome to spend time away from your business trying to ‘figure out’ digital marketing. We understand you have questions running in your mind such as:

Should I create a website on Wix on my own, or hire someone for WordPress?

How do I create a logo for my business?

What is SEO? Should I invest in it or not?

Is Shopify the best bet for my e-commerce store?

Which Ads platform should I use and how much should I spend?

Why do I even need to spend on online/digital marketing?

But I am not a writer, how can I write content for my website and blogs?

We believe we have the answers to most of your questions, Keep scrolling to learn more!

Corporate Branding and identity

If you are just starting a new business or already run a successful business, you’d agree that it is your corporate branding that makes you stand apart from everybody else in your industry. If you are looking for a logo refresh, or creating the entire brand identity for your new company, we’d be glad to assist. Or, if you are looking for a complete branding overhaul, talk to us and we can make that happen too.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Colors and Typeface
  • Corporate Identity
  • Overall Branding Strategy

Web Design and Development

Websites are the most effective way to solidify your business’ presence on the internet. Depending on your business, your website can help you with marketing, direct sales, lead-generation, or customer engagement and feedback.

Depending on your current and future business goals, we can help you build a new functional and SEO-friendly website from scratch or take cues from your current website and work on revamping it.

Even if you do not have a business, we can still help you create realistic website mockups that you can utilise for early marketing, fund-raising, or any other appropriate use-case.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads: Google/Facebook

PPC advertising is the fastest and most convenient way of getting your products or services out in front of your potential clients, or to get those leads coming in. But if not approached the right way, they can take up a lot of your time and money and prove unsuccessful.

That’s why we have experts working with us to run your ads for you. After a brief chat with you about your business, our experts will suggest the best platform for running ads as well as a pocket-friendly budget to get things going. We want to make this marketing tool as intuitive and efficient for you as we can. All you need to do is focus on your actual business while we focus on bringing in those leads for you!

Did you know you can run ads on: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Spotify?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You have recently built a beautiful website but it is not showing up anywhere on Google search?

We can feel your pain and we have just the right solutions for it. SEO is a crucial aspect of the digital marketing landscape and it is yet another tool in our pouch to get your business promoted online. However, not everyone requires SEO all the time, despite what you may have heard. Also, it is one of the slower processes out there and requires a wee bit of patience to see results.

Over a brief call, we can figure out whether your business requires traditional SEO or local SEO and build a strategy that addresses your unique challenges in the best possible manner.


Content and Copywriting

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Content is King’? Well, if you haven’t, you’ve heard it now and you will come to know that it is true!

In the marketing world, we know how important it is to have great quality content in all your marketing efforts; and copywriting is at the helm of it. You need excellent copy to have great engagement with your customers. Think of the last blog or article you really enjoyed and may have even shared with your friends. Now think of your website, social media posts, and blogs, all being equally enjoyable for your customers.

We can make that possible for you! Copywriting is one of our ‘core strengths’ and we can help you write some really good content that’s highly engaging with both your current and potential customers.

Social Media Management

You run a successful business but you want to take to social media to promote your products and services further. You also know that good businesses take the time to interact with their customers on social media platforms but you can’t spare the time for it.

Let us handle that for you! From brainstorming ideas for posts to creating the actual posts and posting them on all the different channels, we can help you take control of the narrative on all your favourite social media platforms.

Social media platforms are slowly encroaching Google search territory and it only makes sense that you have a good grip on them for your business too.


Design Thinking and Business Strategy

You have an idea but you have trouble explaining it to others or you are having trouble even visualising it. You don’t know where to start and how to execute it in any meaningful shape or form. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

But you are in the right place! We can actually help you with your situation. We pride ourselves on understanding your ideas and building the right digital mockups that will allow you to visualise them easily and also show them to your friends/family/investors etc.

Our thought process goes a little deeper than the surface. While we are a digital marketing agency, we are also an entrepreneurial venture and we have gone through these same growing pains.